What we're REALLY up to


The other week went like this:

sick baby

sick baby

sick baby

made applesauce

sick baby

sick baby

drove a few hours to pick up donor milk

sick baby


Then we had a long weekend. It went like this:

See old friends

Watch kids play together

Eat crap food

Spend too much money

Go to fun science museum

Spend a lot of time in the car

Praise God for the DVD player


Then we came back. It went like this:






baby up all night


drink a lot of coffee



Today’s my day off. So far I have gone to “Work Share” at #1’s school while #2 napped in the Ergo on my back, came home to have the mouse exterminator check my traps, and had coffee while playing with a baby. Soon it will be time for Early Baby Lunch and (hopefully) Early Baby Nap, wherein Much Dinner Will Be Prepared.

THIS EXCITING LIFE CAN BE YOURS! Queer glamour at its finest!


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