What we're REALLY up to


A lot of driving on the Agenda this weekend. Drove a 4ish hour round trip yesterday to pick up some donated breast milk for the baby. Drove a 3ish hour round trip today to celebrate Grandma’s 89th birthday. Gas stations featured heavily on the Agenda, as did caffeinated soda last night to finish the drive… which led to elusive sleep.

Took #1 to the county fair yesterday and we had a good time and got sensory overload. On our Fair Agenda: cotton candy, all-you-can-ride bracelet, duck pond game, fresh-squeezed lemonades, a meet up with the kid’s BFF. We returned home with a cheap stuffed animal, dirty feet, and empty pockets. The Giant Slide made many appearances on her Agenda.

My mother arrives tonight and she will be hanging with #1 all week until school starts. I have one more day of freedom before I go back to becoming a working Mama.

Today, at Grandma’s, I walked out briefly to move the car and let my uncle out. For two minutes, tops. #2 went to the screen door and howled and called for me – mummummummummummum *sob* – until I walked back in. Tuesday… Tuesday is going to suck.


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