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Back to Work

We’ve been on Summer Agenda here at Homo and that agenda has not included blogging. I’m hoping to get into the swing of things as we start our new Fall routine on Tuesday.


Tuesday brings work for me, day care for #2, and going back to preschool for #1. #1 is excited to return to familiar friends and surroundings, but #2 – being a baby – doesn’t remember ever being in day care. And is starting the separation anxiety bit. And is switching providers. WHOOPS.


Days are going to be long and busy and our daily agenda is going to be pretty consistent through the week – two parents up and ready for work, two kids up and ready for school, two drop offs in two different towns, two work days, two pick-ups. As the parent with the shorter work day, I end up doing dinner planning/cooking and deal with the end-of-day crankiness.


Stay tuned and breathe deeply. The last scents of summer are passing through – county fair this weekend!


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