What we're REALLY up to


TGIGF (Thank God It’s Gay Friday)

#1 is still sick. I no longer have tolerance for the sickness, or the whiny clinginess it brings with it. Or the lack of sleeping brought on by intense whining. Did I mention the whining? Seriously.

Dragged my drugged-and-therefore-less-feverish kid to an outdoor eatery during our 20 minutes of sunshine in the last seven or so days. She ate three bites of a hot dog and a ridiculous amount of blueberries, so I’m calling it a success. There was less whining during that time, also.

Tonight’s Agenda involved finding all living room surfaces and rescuing them from copious amounts of Dora and Princess books, markers and scissors, pictures of “dinosaur bones,” High Five magazines, baby socks, burp cloths, straw wrappers, cat fur, and a budding rock collection. Did you know the coffee table is made of wood? Actual wood, you can even SEE it.

They have been in bed for several hours and it is Friday night, and that means one thing: Gangland marathon on Spike.


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