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On Tuesdays, I go to work. I work a shorter work day, and leave at 2:30 to pick up #1 from school. But I cram a bazillion hours of work into that time which usually makes my head spin. In fact, I should be doing paperwork right now. Whoops, I need to get on that.

Got a call at 2:15 that #1 had a fever and had to be picked up. Good thing I was leaving anyway, right? Why those last 15 minutes mattered is beyond me, but I dutifully left, because that’s how I roll in the world of rule-following. That means she can’t go to school tomorrow. Quality.

After work I doped her with ibuprofen and added tylenol for #2, who is a cranky bear that I suspect is on the cusp of some teeth in addition to his half-birthday. Meds all around, woo hoo! Plopped #1 in front of some mindless children’s programming, including Scooby Doo which makes her feel cool and makes me feel old.

I did lots of lame-ass chores tonight, like folding laundry and washing diapers and writing thank-you notes and cleaning a giant baby shampoo spill in the bathroom. Lots. Of. Bubbles.

Did I mention I still have paperwork to do? It is 10:42pm and I am never going to sleep, and if tonight is anything like last night, it’s gonna be brutal. Oy.


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