What we're REALLY up to


I don’t work on Mondays.

I dropped #1 off at school and my brother (who is in town) and I picked up donuts and coffee for breakfast. Except I had a muffin, and I’m sure you could make a Gay Joke about that.

I did dishes. And cleaned the kitchen. And folded and put away Tiny Kid Clothing Items. Also did Grown-Up Laundry.

Then we went into town for lunch, which was nice. #2 was in a Pleasant and Jubilant Mood, as usual.

After preschool pick-up, we all went to the park and #1 needed to start a Rock Collection. This is Very Important Work. Last year, it was acorns.

I made dinner. It involved Sausages and Peppers. It also involved onions but I don’t eat those, because they are Very Nasty.

And that’s how we roll on Monday.


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