What we're REALLY up to


So far today on the Gay Agenda I have dropped #1 off at preschool, acquired a much-needed iced coffee and a bagel from a friendly drive-through person, and have tried with occasional success to get a cranky #2 down for some sort of nappage. The Baby Agenda seems to possibly be involving teething, much to my dismay.

Iced coffee is a need since the Littles seem to enjoy the 6am hour to start the day. I might not disagree with them as much if #2 did not also seem to like 1am and 3:15am.

I am researching microwaves because the Wife said that she saw sparks going off inside of ours yesterday. And while I might be one to chance it, she is much more nervous (and likely a safer person) than I. I put up a quick WANTED post on our local freecycle board and am scouring reviews on Amazon.

Later #2 and I will do preschool pick-up and then there will be entertainment of the Littles, the making of dinner, and the glorious Bed Time. This is the glamorous life of queers with kids everywhere.


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