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We did not go to church today. God still loves us.

Today’s Agenda revolved largely around yard work. Another Gay came over to help. Once a little while back his car was towed and he didn’t have the money to get it out, so I drove him out there and we paid his impound. So he was working in lieu of payback. Pretty subversive, right? Much mulch was had. Also grass seed. Acorns were raked, and leaves composted. You’re welcome, neighbors. You too, locally-owned hardware store.

#1 went to a friend’s to play in the morning. Yard work is not a favorite activity, as it prevents The Pushing of The Swings. Therefore it creates a lot of whining. Said friend also has multiple moms, who were weeding the pool area and doing laundry. Later, the kids came here to play, where their Agenda involved Partaking of the Water Table. #2 spent time Riding on Mom’s Back, Hanging Out in the Pack-n-Play, Taking Naps, and Exercising Lungs.

Queering the world, one plastic watering can at a time.


Comments on: "Sunday" (1)

  1. jenbus said:

    you are so funny. seriously…thanks for brightening my day!!!

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